Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Remotely Influenced Virtual Hug Therapy.

My creativity has been given a much needed boost recently. I have now created a new solution and tool which I have copyrighted: Remotely Influenced Virtual Hug Therapy - RIVHT. It's quite a long name. However, it could be shortened to: Remotely Influenced Hugs. I am sorry. I have not created a cover image for this new offering as of yet. Once I have done so, I will share it in this blog and in my sites and my other pages too.

I can provide my hug therapy work in person and remotely via the internet. I have written up a PDF file which provides more info on Remotely Influenced Virtual Hug Therapy. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this PDF, please e-mail me at: anand@schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com

RIVHT can be provided to people across the globe. If you have a PC with internet access, you can enjoy the great benefits that RIVHT provides. I had conducted a unique live experiment for RIVHT via my School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI Facebook page on July 13th 2016. Here is a link to the aforementioned Facebook page which documented my online experiment.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Remote E-Warriors - REW, my new performance improvement solution.

I have created a unique online performance improvement solution named Remote E-Warriors - REW. I have copyrighted REW too. REW builds upon the Warrior archetype which my Remote Influencing (RI)\ system has included as part of The Remote Influencer archetype. The warrior archetype has many positive attributes within it. ( Please Google this topic for more info. After all, research skills play a huge part in REW and in my other solutions too. )

If you would like to read the PDF file I had written up on REW, please join my Facebook group. The PDF has been added to this group page. It's free to join. Once you have accessed the page, you can view and/or save a copy of the PDF. You are welcome to share the PDF as well. This page has a couple of my other research PDF files too.

Here are the links to my REW pages etc.




Thursday, May 12, 2016

Remote Influencing (RI) can compliment Brain Training programs.

I firmly believe that Remote Influencing (RI) can work well together with, and can nicely compliment, brain training programs, initiatives. I recently discovered through analysis of my RI system, that RI can help to develop researchers and other powerful types of people. I studied the skills required of researchers. I found out that my RI system has within it, many of the skills necessary for great researchers. These are transferable skills. These skills can develop scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and countless other powerful types. You could say that these are cross over skills or generic skills. The name of the solution I am providing is: Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI.

Here are some of the advantages of Remote Influencing (RI) learning and training programs.

  • Does not require too much in the way of expensive tools, equipment etc
  • My book or e-book, a PC or pc's with internet access, libraries are all you will need in order to participate in Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI
  • Most or a lot of the work can be done with your mind and body
In regard to the e-book as listed above, I can send you over a copy at no cost. You can e-mail me at anand@schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com and I can e-mail you over  my PDF e-book.

I have written a short consulting report for businesses and individuals. In this report, I have written my recommendations for successfully developing powerful people. Similar to the above, if you are interested in receiving a PDF version of this report, please contact me via the e-mail address listed above. One of the recommendations in my report is the implementation of a research project.

If you would like to initiate PTRI, but are not interested in learning RI, this is fine too. You can still incorporate the other elements of PTRI: Self Directed Learning - SDL, Internet Research - IR, Project based learning - PBL, Unschooling - is a form of home schooling. I would suggest adding RI to PTRI though. Your learning endeavors will be given a boost through adding RI to your learning and training program. 

One of the areas I am working on in regard to PTRI, is the development of unique learning and training solutions which can possibly help to ward off Alzheimer's in people. Learning how to do research is one of the solutions I am providing in this area. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Remote Influencer Archetype - TRIA.

In School of The Remote Influencer and more recently, Way of The Remote Influencer, students and monks, develop themselves into the powerful archetype: The Remote Influencer - TRI. I created a new literary work yesterday. I copyrighted it also. The name of this work is the same as the title for this post: The Remote Influencer Archetype - TRIA. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this PDF file, please contact me via my School of The Remote Influencer site - the logo above has the web address listed too. I can send you over the file via e-mail. I don't have e-mail set up yet for WOTRI.

What is an Archetype?

The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based. 

Source: dictionary.reference.com

In Remote Influencing (RI), we work with energy. Archetypes carry energy. When we watch action movies, super hero movies, or read about these things, we are tapping into the hero and superhero archetype. We get energized when we view or read about these things. In regard to the above definition for archetype, we can share ideas etc on what we think or feel TRIA is or will be. This way TRIA will not be bound by dogma. It will not be rigid or static. TRIA will evolve and improve over the course of time. We will all share a hand in the growth of TRIA.

Here are a couple of segments from the piece I had written on TRIA.

The Remote Influencer archetype - TRIA, is a powerful monk of the future. He or she ( In WOTRI, monks can be men or women ) is a monk, spiritual warrior, healer, leader, researcher, consultant, coach, teacher and trainer. These are the things that WOTRI E-monk are at present. They can evolve and improve over time to become other things as deemed necessary and appropriate. 

In WOTRI, we develop ourselves into TRIA. This process is ongoing. There is much work to be done. In fact, this work can take a lifetime to complete. 

In  SOTRI, the focus is on using RI to excel in the area of your choosing. In WOTRI, we use our RI to help our communities and the larger communities too. SOTRI and WOTRI can compliment each other.

As mentioned earlier, if you are interested in receiving a PDF on TRIA, contact me via my SOTRI site. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI, online self-help support group.

I will be forming an online self-help support group through my Way of The Remote Influencer blog site: wotri.org
I am a firm believer in the power of groups. I have written a chapter about Remote Influencing (RI) and groups in my book. Groups are powerful as they are. However, once RI has been infused into the group, the power of the group is magnified. The group becomes more powerful. Meaningful change and improvement can manifest itself through RI groups.

I suffer from anxiety. It can get pretty bad at times. I have been using Facebook as a hybrid support group. I have been exchanging Facebook e-mail messages with one of my friends. He suffers from anxiety too. I / we have found these online exchanges very helpful. I cannot disclose the name of my friend. It would be unethical and unprofessional of me to do such a thing. The great thing about this form of support is the fact that we are already using Facebook for our social interactions. We can remain logged into our Facebook accounts and we can also offer each other online support at the same time. During our support sessions, I / we have also provided each other with pertinent web links, articles etc.

The proposed support group can be hosted through my web site as listed above and/or it can also be hosted through my Facebook pages and/or my Google plus pages. I will also look into other support group platforms. Online support groups can be powerful tools in the healing process. My group will focus on anxiety and depression. It will also cover various life issues, situations etc. Personal development will play a part in this group as well. Remote Influencing (RI) is a form of personal development after all. This group is open to people across the globe. Distance is not a problem for people wanting to join this group.

Here is some great info on online support groups.

Support groups have long offered companionship and information for people coping with diseases or disabilities, and online situationally oriented groups have expanded to offer support for people facing various life circumstances, especially those involving personal and cultural relationships.

A convenient aspect of online support groups is the around the clock availability to its members. People can go online to blog or chat with others anytime of the day or night. There are no time constraints like there potentially would be with an in-person support group with scheduled meetings. Access to help is always available with online support groups.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiment and the implications it has for science.

I began PTRI as a basic research project. I am still working on PTRI as an ongoing basic research project. However, I am also conducting self-experiments under the same banner. I am balancing the two activities through trial and error. I have found that these two activities can blend in with and they can compliment each other. 

One of the by products from my Remote Influencing (RI) research, learning and training - PTRI, was the fact that I had found that I had become smarter, more creative, and a  better learner through these practices. As mentioned in previous posts, I came up with the idea for School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI, and more recently, Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI, through the work I had been doing under PTRI.

The science world will benefit from exploring what can be done through PTRI. If people can enhance their learning potentials, become smarter, more creative, better problem solvers etc, imagine the advances that can be made in the world. PTRI helps people to become better at whatever it is that they do. My working memory has been given a boost too. 

The great thing about PTRI is that it can be done online without having to spend any or much money at all. If you have access to a PC and the internet, you will have the tools necessary to take part in this project. This project can be replicated quite easily. I will write more about this project in future 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI, E-Monks.

I came up with a new piece of literary work a few days ago. I have named this work, E-Monk. I have copy righted this PDF file as well.

According to some online research I had conducted, a literary work can even be as small as a single page of text. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this PDF file, please contact me via my
email address: anand@schoolofthermoteinfluencer.com

I do not have an email address set up through my WOTRI blog site.

Here is a link to some more info on the above topic.